Water Well Drilling Costs

Water well drilling costs per foot vary by casing diameter, and prices are increasing daily. A 6 inch casing diameter is the current standard for domestic wells in Canada. The cost per foot varies from as low as $75 per foot to $155 per foot for standard 6″ casing. Sometimes there are extra charges for the annular seal, pitless adapter, stainless steel screen, pump test, well development ( to increase yield and to “clean up the zone”), and the drive shoe. If there is a productive water well drilled and not a dry hole you will need to have a trench dug for the waterline and power. If you find a low production zone when drilling you may also need install a cistern which costs upwards of $2000 and have the well keep it full. You will also need a water pump installed that is appropriately sized for the depth of well and gallons per minute. Most well drillers also have a minimum charge, usually around 100ft minimum which at $75 per foot would be $7500. Drilling a water well is a long term investment and most people are reluctant to drill without knowing if they will find water, and if so at what depth. If you would like to  find aquifer depth and yield (gpm), and make an informed decision of where to drill your water well give us a call at 403-845-6676.  We have regular runs throughout BC and AB call us to see when we are coming through your area. WaterFind will travel to almost anywhere, please give as much lead time as possible so we can come at the date that is most suitable for you. If you need a high production water well for irrigation, or a domestic water well for your acreage, we can help you.