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WaterFind helps clients develop a water well by identifying potential sites for groundwater. Our technology is GREEN in that our surveys cause only minimal disturbance to the ground and sub-surface formations by using our equipment at near surface to explore and identify water bearing formations and zones. Find well water aquifer.Seismic Ground Water Detection

Simply the technology we use is the most effective and economical, and environmentally friendly way to “hunt” for groundwater. A survey avoids randomly punching multiple test holes that can damage the subsurface formations and potential water sources. Find well water aquifer,  Seismic Ground Water Detection

Our system uses a fraction of the fuel, reduces surface damage to yard sites, and keeps the neighbours from getting needlessly concerned or worried about their own water supply after a drillers pounds in multiple dry holes nearby. Finding well water before you drill is the only way to minimize dry holes and therefore avoid the worst damage which is often to the owners’ bank account. Find well water aquifer,  Seismic Ground Water Detection

Seismic Ground Water Detection
Seismic Ground Water Detection
Seismic Ground Water Detection

Many times we are called in as the last resort, after a ton of money has already been spent. Desperate the owners have gone online to look for alternatives. They type in “how to find well water” and find us. Find well water aquifer

We have worked for clients across the west from Vancouver to Winnipeg who were near ready to give up on finding a water source. Some were ready to sell and walk away from a new development property after spending way more than budgeted. And still no water. Find well water aquifer

Understandably they are very frustrated when we got there! When they call us, we hear and feel the worry and the impact it has for a family or business and the future they hoped to build. We have worked on sites with brand new houses being built, some nearly ready to occupy One such site, there were already 6 dry holes between 150 and 220 feet on wi before we were called for a survey. Find well water aquifer

In this case we did a minimum survey in the winter and identified the best site to drill The owner called the next day and advised the driller was ready to quit as he had no water by 50 meters and expected the outcome to be dry again. We insisted he drill deeper to 60 meters as we specified. Find well water aquifer

The driller struck water which was enough water for their nearly built house. Finally huge relief but at a cost that might have been a fraction thereof with a survey before drilling started. Find well water aquifer

It is a great science, and we have a solid satisfaction rate in Western Canada. With a good driller, our recommended drill location and details result in a good solid water supply for our clients most often better than we estimated. Find well water aquifer

Thanks on a Job Well Done

by Stan Kale | McLeese Lake, BC

The really tough surveys are in the areas with formations that only offer very low yield aquifers as the source. We call the signal from these aquifers “glimmers.” On a heart monitor, it would be called “near flat-line.” the soundings collected are all very weak signals of water that are in the yield range of 0-3 gpm, often 100 meters or more below ground surface. Find well water aquifer, Seismic Ground Water Detection

We consider any yield estimate of less 5 gallons per minute as getting risky as we know the capabilities of the driller or his equipment. That said, we are confident that the comparative analysis of the data for the sounding sites done on a given property as the ” of survey” selection most often provides the results our clients need. Find well water aquifer, Seismic Ground Water Detection

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Do not hesitate to contact us today to find out more about the groundwater in your area, about who we are, and why we are the best choice in starting your hunt for water. Find well water aquifer, Seismic Ground Water Detection

It’s a toll-free call 877-388-7388 or drop us an email at findwellwater@me.com

Why Water Find

Professional: The seismic equipment ( Seismic Ground Water Detection)we use is considered by many as the best and most economical technology available today to locate groundwater.  Seismic Ground Water Detection

Green Technology and Groundwater Protection: We subscribe to GREEN technology, and thus, our goal is to help minimize the damage near ground surface and to the formations below. The industry continues to improve well site development and management. Today, considerable effort is made to seal dry holes when they occur. In the past, holes into low yield aquifers were not always sealed. Our technology helps reduce the number of dry holes that could become a path for risk of contamination from fertilizer, sprays, bacteria and other contaminants carried by rains and spring run-off. Find well water aquifer,  Seismic Ground Water Detection

Dry holes happen, particularly in areas where water is hard to find. This can often cost property owners thousands of dollars with no results other than a backfilled hole. Near a third of our client’s contact us after they have already spent thousands on numerous drilling attempts, sometimes witched or dowsed, often over a period of 2-3 years. many properties and as a result alert clients that we have gotten somewhat cautious and skeptical. We will survey potential sites identified by a dowser, but do suggest we move on if the “best or strongest” dowsed site straight-lines (no water) We believe in methods that are backed by science, technology, and most importantly, results. Witching and dowsing? The truth is if we found dowser that could increase our odds he or she would be working with us. Seismic Ground Water Detection



In driest areas our reports also prevent over-drilling. Simply if water isn’t struck by drilling to the depth noted in the report as the maximum depth to drill, there is typically no point in letting the driller go deeper. Discussion is usually needed with driller to determine the need to drill further. WaterFind reduces the risk and any time a well needs to be drilled in both tough and easy to find water areas. We have seen yields of 1-3 gpm increase by as much as 150% or more moving the rig only 25 meters on adjoining acreage properties. Why not get that better yield. Seismic Ground Water Detection

Send us an email. Just provide your contact info and land location (legal description or GPS coordinates) where you need water. We will readily provide you with general information we might have of what to expect at no charge. Find well water aquifer Seismic Ground Water Detection

Also, look at our SURVEY MAP of completed surveys as it is quite possible we have done surveys right in your area and would be able to provide you a general assessment of your area. Due to our experience in most areas we are also most often in a position to recommend drillers in your area that we have worked with and respect. Seismic Ground Water Detection

CALL BEFORE YOUR DRILL! 1-877-388-7388 Find well water aquifer

A Groundwater Survey

Seismic Ground Water Detection

Our minimum surveys consist of at least 6 sounding sites. Each sounding site is the next best thing to carrying out an actual test hole. The difference being our equipment “looks” for ground water up to depths of 400 meters plus, helping to identifying the depth(s) to drill. On larger development projects say with multiple homes to be built for a developer, we will often suggest a 2-stage survey and split the work into a preliminary survey for exploration, complete an initial report, and have a client discussion. Seismic Ground Water Detection

We then conduct a follow-up survey, focusing on areas where the initial data indicates the best areas to drill.

Seismic Ground Water Detection



The first call encompasses a discussion of the general area and the water needs of our client. Often we may have worked nearby so we can readily discuss and if not, we simply get your site location and do a bit of research of the location, and call you back.

Most often there is Groundwater data available, along with geology for the area, as well as a nearby survey(s) we have done to provide some insight on the chances for water.

Seismic Ground Water Detection

Seismic Ground Water Detection

WaterFind service offers clients the most economical way to find well water. We evaluate potential water well drill sites allowing our clients to optimize obtainable yield. This is not witching or #dowsing. The technology has been used worldwide for well over a decade. Way too many of our clients have spent thousands of dollars drilling sometimes drilling on 2 or 3 sites , resulting only in expensive dry holes or very low yields that could have been avoided and cost clients $10,000 or more. Using Research and Seismo-electric technology WaterFind uses technology  (Seismic Ground Water Detection) and equipment to minimize risk and maximize yield when drilling a well.

Seismic Ground Water Detection

Seismic Ground Water Detection

During the on-site survey we complete numerous “soundings” on multiple sounding sites. Using comparative analysis of the data collected at each individual sounding site we are able to identify the location that  data indicates as having the best yield potential of those surveyed,  2) estimate depth to the bottom of the aquifer, and 3) identify the  maximum depth to drill if water isn’t struck.  After the onsite portion of the survey, data analysis in the office, and completion of the report, WaterFind’s Groundwater Assessment Report helps our clients get a much better understanding of their future water source, how it will need to be designed, and the maximum depth to drill. This in turn provides a better grasp and understanding on the budget as well as the type of drill rig needed to complete a well effectively. We have had the experience to work with many excellent water well drillers across Western Canada

Seismic Ground Water DetectionWaterFind has over 12 years of experience locating and developing groundwater across western Canada. Often working in the toughest areas we have been effectively using seismo-electric water detection technology ( Seismic Ground Water Detection) to find our clients water. Our clients include acreages, farms, ranches, vineyards, oil and gas companies, water well drillers and rural businesses across the country. The technology and system we use to locate water is considered by many to be the most cost effective method to minimize the risk of a dry hole (especially in tough areas) and maximize the attainable yield when drilling water well.




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