Find Water Before You Drill

We use Advanced Seismic Technology to locate your best water source at an affordable price. Find aquifer depth, thickness and yield before you drill!


We use advanced seismic technology that can help you find water for a well or irrigation project before going into the high costs of drilling one or even multiple water wells without knowing where the groundwater is first. You can count on leading edge technology that has been proven around the globe to reliably map aquifer data. Contrary to dowsing ( otherwise known as water witching) this seismic technology is based on scientific principles, which have been shown to consistently provide accurate well water drilling results!

Up until 1930, oil companies drilled to find oil. Now that we are in the 21st century, oil companies have long abandoned the expensive “drill to find method” in favor of using seismic technology to find oil. the same thing applies to finding a groundwater aquifer- why drill blind? Find out estimated aquifer depth, thickness, yield, and salinity before you drill.

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