Spring to Finding Water Early , March 4, 2016

Our busy season isn’t even underway yet we have more surveys booked by early March this year then in the last 10. We fully expect to do at least half a dozen surveys the next couple of weeks, when most times,  that kind of work load starts in late April and early May. The “read”  is that only a ton of snow and rain the next weeks will slow it down before late June and in truth we all need it, at surface, and for recharge for the aquifers that provide us with ground water many of us need.

The bulk that are looking ahead with caution are ranchers and farmers who’s dugouts just didn’t get the water or runoff yet. By the snow cover and lack of rain they just may not get to full level. Interest and bookings for surveys have not been this high in the West, since SK did the water development program 6-7 years ago and acerage development was so busy in AB.

We also have hay crop so, like so many, we are looking for moisture as well. Here’s hoping for a WET spring for us all across the West.

Water Guy