September 2015 , Changing Colors

We are well into my favorite time of the year where we can still be enjoying summer,  with less mosquitoes and less heat. The fall colors typically only start late in the month though with the extent of travel we do see quite a bit of variation  even in early September.  Its an awesome time of year that we always is a lengthy season.

We again had success in La Crete, AB with another well being drilled  mid-September which showed a great yield above 50 meters. That makes  5 wells for 6 of our recent clients with WaterFind surveys with drill behinds this summer . We did go back and do some follow up work for the dry hole, which though “wet” at and near surface during drilling, theformation did not yield enough water to develop. We  did complet another 4 sounding sites for the client (pro bono)  further  and in a different area from the yard to try and identify alternates. All the new sites showed good potential.

We expect at least  one more trip to NE SK this next week, one thru NW and Central AB mid October,   and likely two loops thru the southern praries in October/November as well. Many of these will likely only be drilled in spring but clients are getting the survey ahead of time to let them get the driller lined up firmly booked for spring without having to wait on a survey and the results.

We continue to remind everyone though its not that hard to to travel 500 to 1200 km just to do one client… it is much more economical for us and the client when we can group a few surveys and spread the cost!  Also a note for the spring rush we already have close to 20 surveys pre-booked for 2016 which can take up about 20-25  days, and half of the surveys will be needed to be done in spring so that already ties us up up for about 3 weeks.

Get ahead of your plans for 2016 and send us an email!