October 2015 WaterFind identifies best drill site for 15 gpm+ water well!  CHAMPION, AB, FALL 2015- Stage 2


In 2012 WaterFind completed a survey on a quarter west of Champion. The farmer was looking to find a water source on a quarter for a new home.  After 2-3 dry holes we were called to do our initial groundwater survey on the site and identified a drill location as ‘best of survey’  estimating 2-5 gpm above 60 meters.  The driller completed a 3 gpm well at the depth estimated. After the house was built the well was put into use but a year or so later the yield seemed to be dropping off and an odor in the water was getting more noticeable.  Hoping for a better quality and yield WaterFind was called again to check the property for alternate well sites. WaterFinds’ survey and a second follow up survey of areas selected by the owner, confirmed the better of the two new surveyed areas. The estimated depth showing as markedly better than the previously surveyed well. UHL drilling was on site and developing a yield of 15-20 gpm again at or near the depth estimated by WaterFind.  A CHAMPION well, near Champion.