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When drilling a well, location is everything

Farmers are drilling deeper with each passing generation as they look for reliable quantities of good water to support livestock operations.

“It is simply due to the thinking that we can obtain more reliable water and bigger (water) yields by getting away from shallows wells that may be susceptible to surface contamination,” says groundwater specialist Gary Kehler of Longview, Alta.

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2014 REVIEW and SPRING 2015

2014 REVIEW In 2014 we had some awesome results, identifying drill locations for a number wells that resulted in new wells with yields of 15-25 gpm range. There were also many producing in the range of 5-15 gpm. In the real tough areas, where we are most often chasing what we refer to glimmers of water, we successfully identified aquifers and drill sites for nearly all clients to replace failed wells or those with wells dwindling in yield, and at times at new building sites. Some had 1, 2 and even 3 dry, or next to dry test holes having been drilled prior to us being called. A few had spent $10-20,000+ on dry holes and were pretty worried wondering if they may have to haul water or even be able to subdivide or build. Today some banks won’t finance a home without a well that has been tested and proven to produce usable water at a flow rate of at least 1 gpm. Doing what we do, we work in some of the toughest areas for finding water in Western Canada so we will have the odd miss but most times we are successful and always have at the very least, made owners (or buyers) aware of the risk and given them an idea of the cost or budget they should consider. Working for clients in these areas, many on existing acreages, and some with new sites wanting to build a home, developing a well with even a 1-2 gpm well is everything. Just 1 gpm well (1400 gallons per day) is quite enough to supply a household...

The Fall Rush 2014

We have had some awesome and better than expected results recently with 4 drill attempts getting 10 plus gpm when we estimated at only 3-5 gpm. Nearly all were in tough areas and/or following previous drill attempts that resulted in 1-2 dry holes on the properties. All 4 final drill depths were also shallower than estimated. We are planning to be in BC later this week to clean up the south jobs there and expect it may be the last trip where mileage and extra “cold” costs won’t be added. On our return home to AB we will be heading to S.SK, with S.AB jobs on the way in, and out. Unsure at this point whether we will also be rolling to the north as we may seperate those due to the number of booked jobs. As always book early to beat the weather and mileage charges. We have already been very white at home though happy its all gone again as of today. Enjoy the Fall,...

August Update

With the recent article in the Western Producer (See previous post for link)  we have had a flurry of bookings making August much busier then normal. We typically slow down as crops grow and stay off the fields till harvest is done. This piles much of the work into September and early October. We will do a survey near the US border tomorrow and then head north thru the weekend doing surveys thru Central AB and  possibly as far N as Peace River and potentially West to Fort St. John. Working our way back we should get home  mid to late next week to get caught up on reports before we head to E. SK again.  Do book early to avoid travel...

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