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When drilling a well, location is everything

Farmers are drilling deeper with each passing generation as they look for reliable quantities of good water to support livestock operations.

“It is simply due to the thinking that we can obtain more reliable water and bigger (water) yields by getting away from shallows wells that may be susceptible to surface contamination,” says groundwater specialist Gary Kehler of Longview, Alta.

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Energy Equine gets needed water

“After drilling two dry holes and spending close to $20,000 for our commercial well project we were looking at alternative water options until we found Gary with WaterFind.. He came out immediately, tested several locations on our property and located enough water to source our 5300 square foot commercial building. I would highly recommend his services to locate water BEFORE you start drilling blindly! Gary was also extremely helpful with the commercial licensing application of our well. The whole process would have been quite intimidating without his assistance and expertise! ” Great People I am sure will look after your horses very...

Spring to Finding Water Early , March 4, 2016

Our busy season isn’t even underway yet we have more surveys booked by early March this year then in the last 10. We fully expect to do at least half a dozen surveys the next couple of weeks, when most times,  that kind of work load starts in late April and early May. The “read”  is that only a ton of snow and rain the next weeks will slow it down before late June and in truth we all need it, at surface, and for recharge for the aquifers that provide us with ground water many of us need. The bulk that are looking ahead with caution are ranchers and farmers who’s dugouts just didn’t get the water or runoff yet. By the snow cover and lack of rain they just may not get to full level. Interest and bookings for surveys have not been this high in the West, since SK did the water development program 6-7 years ago and acerage development was so busy in AB. We also have hay crop so, like so many, we are looking for moisture as well. Here’s hoping for a WET spring for us all across the West. Water...

October 2015 WaterFind identifies best drill site for 15 gpm+ water well!  CHAMPION, AB, FALL 2015- Stage 2

  In 2012 WaterFind completed a survey on a quarter west of Champion. The farmer was looking to find a water source on a quarter for a new home.  After 2-3 dry holes we were called to do our initial groundwater survey on the site and identified a drill location as ‘best of survey’  estimating 2-5 gpm above 60 meters.  The driller completed a 3 gpm well at the depth estimated. After the house was built the well was put into use but a year or so later the yield seemed to be dropping off and an odor in the water was getting more noticeable.  Hoping for a better quality and yield WaterFind was called again to check the property for alternate well sites. WaterFinds’ survey and a second follow up survey of areas selected by the owner, confirmed the better of the two new surveyed areas. The estimated depth showing as markedly better than the previously surveyed well. UHL drilling was on site and developing a yield of 15-20 gpm again at or near the depth estimated by WaterFind.  A CHAMPION well, near...

September 2015 , Changing Colors

We are well into my favorite time of the year where we can still be enjoying summer,  with less mosquitoes and less heat. The fall colors typically only start late in the month though with the extent of travel we do see quite a bit of variation  even in early September.  Its an awesome time of year that we always is a lengthy season. We again had success in La Crete, AB with another well being drilled  mid-September which showed a great yield above 50 meters. That makes  5 wells for 6 of our recent clients with WaterFind surveys with drill behinds this summer . We did go back and do some follow up work for the dry hole, which though “wet” at and near surface during drilling, theformation did not yield enough water to develop. We  did complet another 4 sounding sites for the client (pro bono)  further  and in a different area from the yard to try and identify alternates. All the new sites showed good potential. We expect at least  one more trip to NE SK this next week, one thru NW and Central AB mid October,   and likely two loops thru the southern praries in October/November as well. Many of these will likely only be drilled in spring but clients are getting the survey ahead of time to let them get the driller lined up firmly booked for spring without having to wait on a survey and the results. We continue to remind everyone though its not that hard to to travel 500 to 1200 km just to do one client… it is much more economical for...

June 5th- 3 Weeks to Stampede

June 5 Update The spring rounds are complete for most areas we travel and we are actually starting the 2nd and even 3rd go’s to some areas with mid-spring bookings. We plan to be headed out again next week to Prince George, Fort St. John, Dawson Creek and Grande Prairie and leaving as early as Tuesday.  We do our best to accommodate clients so that they can be available and that the utility locates are all done where and when required. This is the third time we will head NW for surveys in 2015, 4rth if we count a rush survey we did in January. Pretty much each day on the road, people will approach us while at the gas pumps, a Timmy’s, or see the truck and trailer pull up at a light, and then call our toll-free that’s on the trailer. First they ask “what it is we do” which is most often closely followed by the question, “when could you do a survey for us, could we get it done right away?”  It works occasionally and depends where we are on our route and the commitments we have made, but most times we are lined up for 2-3 days for surveys, travel and accommodations and have done the research on a new site that we like to do before doing a survey. So most often, just after we are back home to get caught up on local surveys, we are already working on scheduling the next loop to the area we just left.  On our survey loops, we can easily travel 3-400 km a day, doing...

MAY 14, 2015 Spring Sprung !

This spring season started much earlier than most years and as a result we are not as rushed as we would normally tend to be in May which is a nice change.  Having completed a number of surveys through the winter, we were in a position to head north as soon as the frost was out.  Surveys have already been completed this spring in the northern regions of BC, AB, central AB and SK. We will be heading into N. SK and S. BC and possibly western MB later in May. Drillers also got an early start, so we already have a number of successful drill behinds this season, most in some very tough areas. Though a little older news we do have to report the results of a November survey done 2 hours north of Fort St John where 2 locations were identified and drilled producing over 4o gpm from two wells. The first success of this year was a March survey up near Grande Prairie for a residence nearly built, and with 4 failed drill attempts totaling over 400 meters of drilling (one dry hole at 200 meters).  The owner called with some urgency and we were able to do a survey of six soundings sites within a few days. Back in the office the data analysis showed the best site as being a moderate risk. The driller commenced drilling and was able to develop over 2 gpm, and above the depth noted in the report as the maximum depth to drill (70 meters). We did however, after a call during drilling  have to advise the owner he should...

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