June 5th- 3 Weeks to Stampede

June 5 Update

The spring rounds are complete for most areas we travel and we are actually starting the 2nd and even 3rd go’s to some areas with mid-spring bookings. We plan to be headed out again next week to Prince George, Fort St. John, Dawson Creek and Grande Prairie and leaving as early as Tuesday.  We do our best to accommodate clients so that they can be available and that the utility locates are all done where and when required.

This is the third time we will head NW for surveys in 2015, 4rth if we count a rush survey we did in January. Pretty much each day on the road, people will approach us while at the gas pumps, a Timmy’s, or see the truck and trailer pull up at a light, and then call our toll-free that’s on the trailer. First they ask “what it is we do” which is most often closely followed by the question, “when could you do a survey for us, could we get it done right away?”  It works occasionally and depends where we are on our route and the commitments we have made, but most times we are lined up for 2-3 days for surveys, travel and accommodations and have done the research on a new site that we like to do before doing a survey. So most often, just after we are back home to get caught up on local surveys, we are already working on scheduling the next loop to the area we just left.  On our survey loops, we can easily travel 3-400 km a day, doing a survey each day, moving from site to site, and to different hotels.  Though work starts on survey reports the same day as the survey, it can take a week or 10 days to complete the Survey Assessment and get it emailed, as we need about as much time in the office, as we did in the field collecting the data. Again depends on the weather and numbers of surveys on the loop and other factors but sometimes it works.

If you are looking at drilling a well, do give us a call or drop us an email with your legal description or address. If you use any of the new cell phones you can just pin your location on the map and email the pin to us with your contact details.  We will do a little research on the area, look at survey reports we have done in that might be near you, and be in a position to offer insight for drilling a well in your area. Having worked across Western Canada for nearly 10 years we are also able provide references for water well drillers we, or our clients have worked with, or that have followed us for what we call drill-behinds”. You can be sure the information conveyed will be informative. The number is toll-free. 877-388-7388. CALL BEFORE YOU DRILL!


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