From The Owner

I was raised on a livestock farm in Manitoba working in sales and development of livestock production facilities for over 30 years.  With 10 years as an owner of a project management company for the development, construction and operation of intensive livestock facilities. Our services  included site acquisition and  development,  construction of the facilities, completing dozens of huge live stock operations.

The technology  WaterFind uses today was first purchased to not just to find ample supplies of water but also to protect groundwater from contamination. At a time when Livestock Production expansion was in a slow down, WaterFind was formed with a focus on finding and protecting ground water became the focus.We work for a range of clients that included farmers, ranchers, land developers, acreage owners, oil and gas, and others. Nearly all want to identify a source of groundwater, maximize the yield, and minimize the cost of a new well and also protect the source.

We know how important a good water source is to people in walks of life and for most businesses and industry. Water is often a presumption, that it’s everywhere! It’s a factor we have seen often overlooked many times when it should be the first consideration in buying or improving the value of property. Business and farming operations flounder and even fail due to lack of water on a property they purchased to build on, to ranch, or to grow their operation, without first proving the water supply. I have seen a young couple go nearly broke a week after buying a place in the country and having the well go dry a few days later. Water can determine your eligibility for a mortgage or loan when an ample tested water supply can or cannot be proven. Water can be everything!

Find it before you drill! Feel free to call  with any questions you might have. Toll Free 877-388-7388