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Borehole drilling companies AlbertaWaterFind helps farmers, ranchers and acreage owners identify and evaluate potential sites for water well development economically and from the surface with very minor disturbance to the ground or environment (or their neighbor). Using Seismoelectric equipment we complete an onsite survey doing multiple “soundings” at various sites. After comparative analysis of the data collected at each site we identify the site(s) that the data presents as having the best potential yield and therefore most often the best place(s) for drilling a well. In addition we provide the estimated depths and yields that might be obtained at each location to help our clients in the decision making process of determining where or even whether or not to drill. The survey process causes very little ground disturbance and saving the cost of expensive dry holes. Borehole drilling companies Alberta

The SEISMOELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY WE — USE (previously referred to as EKS or electro-seismic) was the early research of what eventually became the Oil Seismic method used today. EKS data is the result of electrical return whereas oil seismic data is the result of acoustic return. Oil seismic identifies underlying formations where EKS identifies water in formations. Borehole drilling

Our work encompasses research before we head to site on to obtain the aerial imagery if available, the general geology, and the groundwater data available in the area. We then discuss and identify the general survey area with the client and schedule a survey.

Once on location and a discussion with the owner we use our equipment to collect data at various sites taking 2 -40 minutes for each sounding site. After the road trip of a few sites we than return to the office and process the data for each site. We carry out comparative analysis of the data collected to determine the site(s) that present as having best potential yield and go further and also provide interpreted estimated depths and yields for each location surveyed. A report is typically emailed and with a hard copy in the mail within 8-10 working days.

The video below is the process of completing a single sounding at a “sounding site”. Depending on the size of a survey we typically do 6 -12 sounding sites (6 is minimum) and will acquire 6 -8 data sets on each site, completing 2 to 3 with a seismic hammer, and 3-4 with a seismic” buffalo gun”. We use the methodology of exploration with initial sites, optimization and verification of the better site(s) with nearby follow-up soundings to optimize for the best potential drill location(s). On larger projects we will often suggest and use a 2-stage survey and split the work into a preliminary survey for exploration, do an initial report and discuss with the client, and then carry out a follow up survey, focusing in areas the initial data indicates as the best areas. drilling companies Alberta

With a WaterFind report in hand our clients are able to provide the direction to the driller on the best location to drill, maximize the yield potential, and also get a better grasp on the cost that will be involved to develop the well. The alternative is to go straight to drilling without any idea of how deep the water might be, what the well will cost, or when they should tell the driller to stop, if water is not struck. We are often asked about witching and dowsing and the truth is that much better than half of our work follows a failed drill attempt(s) on sites that were dowsed. Borehole drilling companies Alberta

Dry holes can and do happen, particularly in hard to find water areas, and at times costing property owners thousands of dollars. WaterFind offers the benefit of 10 years of experience in locating groundwater in Western Canada effectively using the technology to find water in some very tough areas, at times after numerous drilling attempts that have cost clients $10-50,000 or more. The technology and methodology we use is considered to be the most effective and economical method used to locate ground water for a well and maximize the obtainable yield. Borehole drilling companies Alberta

Typically our clients are Farmers and Ranchers and rural acreage owners needing wells to expand their operation, replace failing wells, or to subdivide a new property to be offered for sale. In ALBERTA farmers and ranchers can apply for assistance to use our service through the provincial GROWING FORWARD PROGRAM.

We also do work for wineries, tree and vegetable growers and land developers. Our service is of value anytime a business or individual needs to drill a water well as it minimizes risk and maximizes the return on investment made in groundwater development. Water is a commodity and the volume of groundwater that is available on a rural property is an integral part of the property value. Borehole drilling companies Alberta

A well or the ability to develop one on an acreage needs to be taken under consideration before purchase. A good well will always add measurable value to a property and in some cases create value from land that was previously unsaleable. Borehole drilling companies Alberta

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