2014 REVIEW and SPRING 2015

In 2014 we had some awesome results, identifying drill locations for a number wells that resulted in new wells with yields of 15-25 gpm range. There were also many producing in the range of 5-15 gpm.

In the real tough areas, where we are most often chasing what we refer to glimmers of water, we successfully identified aquifers and drill sites for nearly all clients to replace failed wells or those with wells dwindling in yield, and at times at new building sites. Some had 1, 2 and even 3 dry, or next to dry test holes having been drilled prior to us being called. A few had spent $10-20,000+ on dry holes and were pretty worried wondering if they may have to haul water or even be able to subdivide or build. Today some banks won’t finance a home without a well that has been tested and proven to produce usable water at a flow rate of at least 1 gpm.

Doing what we do, we work in some of the toughest areas for finding water in Western Canada so we will have the odd miss but most times we are successful and always have at the very least, made owners (or buyers) aware of the risk and given them an idea of the cost or budget they should consider. Working for clients in these areas, many on existing acreages, and some with new sites wanting to build a home, developing a well with even a 1-2 gpm well is everything. Just 1 gpm well (1400 gallons per day) is quite enough to supply a household of family of 4 and even some animals and enough to no have to haul water. In southern SK ranchers suggest that 3 gpm is enough water for a family of 4 and a 100 cow-calf operation. In some areas getting a good well or no,t on a proposed new acreage, can determine whether or not it can be subdivided.

SPRING 2015, It’s here!
Quite the mild winter near home as normally we would just be done checking and servicing all the equipment. Due to doing surveys every month through the winter everything has remained ready to roll.

Due to demand from the oil patch we ended up doing winter work late in fall and into December in N AB and BC so with a few acreages added near Grand Prairie and Lloydminster continued to do surveys close to home right through the season just picking mild days to do them. Temperature of – 10 C is about the cutoff though especially if there is wind.

The mileage free survey loops are lining up and we now have loops West to Kelowna, North to Fort St. John and Peace River, both S and N SK loops. which may also reach into Western MB with the SK go.
As we cap out area loops to 5-6 surveys we expect that N. AB we may need to split and add a 2nd go.

This is the best time of year to book and avoid added mileage charges. That said booking early even for later in fall will help avoid extra charges.

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